Jesus + Megan + Stephen = Wedding
Jesus + Megan + Stephen = Wedding


It was great to spend the day with Megan & Stephen as they started their marriage at the Museum of Biblical Art in Dallas, TX.  So much history there and it’s neat to view their story as a part of a larger continuing story.  Check out some of the artifacts.
museum-of-biblical-art-wedding-photos-01 museum-of-biblical-art-wedding-photos-02 museum-of-biblical-art-wedding-photos-03

Not a bad way to start off your First Look and marriage.

museum-of-biblical-art-wedding-photos-04 museum-of-biblical-art-wedding-photos-05 museum-of-biblical-art-wedding-photos-06

First wardrobe malfunction in history.
museum-of-biblical-art-wedding-photos-07 museum-of-biblical-art-wedding-photos-08 museum-of-biblical-art-wedding-photos-09

These two LOVE to play video games together.  There were all types of goodies to be found at the reception.  HUGE shout out to Silver Lining Events for putting this all together.
Get it. X/Y,  Girl/Boy, Hers/His, Bride/Groom
museum-of-biblical-art-wedding-photos-11 museum-of-biblical-art-wedding-photos-12

Toasts continue to be some of my favorite moments in a wedding day.  So many great things said about lifelong friends.
(It’s also great when your roommate asks you to hand over your princess key now that you are married and have a place of your own.)
Evolution of Father/Daughter Dance.
museum-of-biblical-art-wedding-photos-14 museum-of-biblical-art-wedding-photos-15

You remember just how much these two loved their Camaros right?  Stephen’s friends made a few adjustments to their getaway car. :)
museum-of-biblical-art-wedding-photos-17 museum-of-biblical-art-wedding-photos-18

Thank you guys so much for sharing your day, and part of your story with me.  You were so so chill.  I hope your wedding will be a reflection of your marriage.  One that is full of much Bible, video games, cars, and wardrobe malfunctions. ;)

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