Wedding Vendor Interview | Vanessa McKellar Productions
Wedding Vendor Interview | Vanessa McKellar Productions

If you follow this blog, you know I am a HUGE advocate of getting your wedding filmed.  I have often run clips and quotes from Vanessa McKellar, but have never actually run a full on interview. Before we get to the interview though, let me talk real quick about wedding films in general.

Every now and then when I meet with a bride, they mention that they are not getting a videographer because they don’t think it’s all that important.  A quote I hear frequently is, “We are already getting photos, and we can always have someone set up camera a in the back.” 

Now, the reason many people don’t understand the value of a great wedding film is because all they have seen is footage from a friends wedding where it was just that: a camera set up in the back.  A good wedding videographer will take your day and turn it into a movie.  Beautiful images, great camera work, a soundtrack, and most important of all, your voices.  That’s right, you talking.  This is one of the areas where wedding photos just don’t do your day justice.  You will experience so many emotions and thoughts on your day and not having someone document you saying those feelings will be something you regret.  Anyway, Vanessa actually did a little blog post contrasting the differences between wedding photography and videography a few weeks back and used some photos from Your’s Truly.  (Take a look at it here.)

Before we get to the interview, here is a short little trailer she recently finished.  Take a look at it, then scroll down to read more about her.

How did you get started & how long have you been doing this?

I think my story really starts in the 90’s, when my love for weddings blossomed. I designed wedding dresses, subscribed to Martha Stewart Weddings magazine, all that stuff. I wanted to be a wedding coordinator when I grew up. Then when I went to film school at UT Austin, I decided that I should combine my two passions and become a wedding filmmaker.

I’ve been in the industry since 2001, when I started shooting and editing for wedding videographers while I was in school. When I graduated in ’03, I used my savings to buy a camera and computer, and I haven’t looked back since!

Also, in the summer of ’08 my husband quit his day job in sales to come work with me full time, and it’s been fabulous. He brings a different eye to the table and I’m so excited with how he’s contributing with his filming and editing.

What is your favorite part about your job?

There’s no way I could pick one. First off, I love arriving the day of the wedding and seeing what the bride’s dress looks like, what color the flowers are, all those things the make a wedding a wedding. Every event is different and beautiful in its own way and I enjoy the aesthetics of it all.

My other favorite part is when I’m editing and it just “clicks” and I make myself cry. Might sound a little silly, but when the imagery and music combine to create something timeless, emotional, and touching, I know I’ve got the best job in the world.

What sets you apart from other wedding filmmakers?

For one thing, I’m female, and there aren’t a lot of female filmmakers out there. I’m a recently married bride, so I can completely empathize with everything a bride goes through on her wedding day and in the planning process. Plus, Vanessa McKellar Productions is a husband and wife team, so while I’m with the girls, there’s also someone the groomsmen can feel comfortable with too. And lastly, I have a blog that’s full of my videos and also wedding planning tips and ideas; it’s a great resource for brides.

What’s your favorite thing to film at wedding?

I love the few minutes right after the ceremony when all the bride and groom’s family and friends gather around and congratulate them. I think it’s one of the purest and most uncontrived moments of the whole day; everyone’s so excited about what has just taken place. Hugs and smiles and jokes and kisses all around. Brent likes to film crazy awesome moves on the dance floor.

When not filming weddings what are you doing?

Editing weddings! Beyond that I like to make jewelry, watch movies, read wedding blogs , eat out with my hubby, clean and/or decorate our new house, and chat with my amigas. Brent just tries to find something to do to counteract all the fufu female estrogen vibes everywhere.

OK, now that you totally love Vanessa and know you want her at your wedding, let me just show you one of my favorite things that she does. These are called Love Stories and they are AMAZING. It’s a perfect way for your friends and family to hear how you met. These are perfect for showing at your rehearsal dinner or even during your wedding. (Instead of that slideshow that has embarrassing baby photos of you growing up.) And, think of how cool it will be for your kids and grandkids to hear from your own mouth how you fell in love.

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