Wedding Photography Tyler, TX | Chelsea & Tyson
Wedding Photography Tyler, TX | Chelsea & Tyson

Chelsea & Tyson had a great little wedding out on Lake Tyler. I first met up with the girls at Chelsea’s house and found this note on the door.  

See if you can spot my petite little shoes


Tyson is a smooth guy, but I think Carson, the ring bearer, may have him beat.  






They seriously look like one of those families that you get a picture of when you buy a frame. You know, the pretty people that we all look at and go, “why don’t we look like that?”  

Carson apparently had had his fill of being photographed.  



Ok, so I’ll admit it, while at a wedding I’m always on the look out for engaged or super cool maybe they’ll be engaged soon couples. Later in the evening these two came up to me and said they were close to getting engaged and wanted to chat about me shooting their wedding. I was pretty excited because I had spotted them earlier and was like… “ooh, they would be fun to photograph!” Anyway, I’m blogging a shot of them dancing to be nice to them and increase my odds of booking their wedding. :) (Hey at least I’m honest.)  


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