SuperSquare: A Wedding Album For Your Wall
SuperSquare: A Wedding Album For Your Wall

It is with great pleasure and much fanfare that I am proud to introduce you to the….. SuperSquare!

Just what is the SuperSquare you ask?  Well, think of it this way; it’s like a wedding album that hangs on your wall.  You just spent like 1.3 million dollars on that wedding.  You booked a talented and good looking photographer.  You have amazing wedding photos.  Who wants to keep them hiding in a album on a bookshelf?  Not you.  No, you want them hanging on a wall, impressing all your friends.  That’s where the SuperSquare comes in.

It’s a way of displaying your wedding day from beginning to end in a stylish and classy way.  Your images are printed on a crisp, white canvas that wraps around the frame and is ready to hang on your wall.  Seriously, check this thing out.

The SuperSquare comes in three sizes. 40×40, 30×30, & 20×20.  (Warning: I only let my cool brides order the 40×40)

A few close-up shots.

I added the boys for scale… and cuteness.

The SuperSquare is now included in most of my packages.  If you have already booked and are interested in one, then have your people call my people and we’ll work out the details.

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