Old Sneakers & Wedding Planning
Old Sneakers & Wedding Planning

If you are a Facebook or Twitter friend, you know I got some new shoes yesterday.  I have a little story about how my shoes can help you plan your wedding, but before we get to that, how about a few photos. :)

I wore out most of my tread on the old pair. :)

If you can fit an action figure in between the sole of your shoe and the tread it may be time for a new pair.

Yesterday I finally bought a pair of shoes.  I have had my current pair for a little over 4 years. I’ve been meaning to replace them for the past 3-6 months.  Danielle had told me to. I knew I needed to.  Every time it rained, water would seep into my socks and I was reminded of this fact.  I had the 45 bucks.  So why the delay?

Here’s why:

I don’t care about shoes.

They don’t’ matter to me. They are not part of my identity.  My self-esteem is not wrapped up in what they look like.  I just want my feet covered.  In fact, I only have 3 pairs. One pair of flip flops, one pair of walking, one pair of wedding shoes.  That’s it.

When I was at the NBA All-star Game this past weekend I saw plenty of people who cared about their shoes.  (Most of them young men.)  In fact, inside the bathroom I saw two guys standing at the sink with their shoes off cleaning them with paper towels.
(I mentioned this was in a public restroom and they were standing in their socks right?)

It would be pretty hard for someone to convince me shoes are “important”.  They are needed and I have some, but I’m not going to get too worked up about them.  The same should be true of your wedding planning.  Find out what is important to YOU and spend your budget on that.  Maybe you LOVE napkins.  Go all out.  Get the best ones.  Maybe invitations are you thing.  Go nuts with them.  Get the fancy ones with the tissue paper people throw away right after opening the invitation. If photography is what you value, I can totally recommend someone to shoot your wedding.  The point is, it’s YOUR wedding.  Spend your budget on the things you value and then when you look back on your wedding you’ll be thankful that  your wedding looks like you and not someone elses.

One more thing, if you do like shoes OR documentaries, you absolutely have to watch Just For Kicks.  It’s an interesting look at the world of sneakers and just how important  they can be to some people.  You can rent it from Netflix or watch it online here.  Enjoy.

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