Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!

There’s nothing like getting a Christmas card in the mail.  You look at it, smile, then toss it in the trash.  Wait…. I mean…. keep it forever. :) For some reason we have never been a send out a christmas card type of family.  Maybe it’s because our kids are not cute enough.  Maybe it’s because we never have any good photos.  Maybe it’s because we are Jewish.  Who knows.

We knew form the start thought that this year would be different.  Throughout the year we made sure to get tons of shots with Santa hats so we would have a few options come December.  I couldn’t decide on one though so here they all are. :)

A few weeks ago Jon Acuff the author of Stuff Christians Like (Fantastic site.  You should visit it everyday.) offered to write out Christmas cards for a certain number of people.  I made the cut.  Enjoy the holidays.

“Dear friends & family,
My name is Jon Acuff and recently on my blog I offered to write Christmas cards for people. I am happy to say that Alex took me up on that offer. Why am I happy? In part because I think he might be my doppelganger.

How so?

Well, let’s review the facts:
He’s been married 9 years. So have I.
His wife is a stay at home mom. So is mine.
He has an artistic job. So do I.
He loves Apple. So do I.
His son Joseph knows more about legos than Jesus. My daughters know more about American Girl Dolls than just about anything else.
Sarah wants a sister. My daughter L.E. would like a brother.
Eli is a wild man, Luke cries in Sunday School. I know that pain all too well.
We’re practically the same person. Except my last name is pretty boring and his kind of sounds like a cool dance move.
And the last thing we have in common?

We both want you to have a Merry Christmas!

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