M-I-C-K-E-Y  M-O-U-S-E

a few months back i went to haiti for the first time.  one of the things that jumped out at me right away was just how much of an influence “disney” had there.  mickey was on pretty  much every street and corner and building.  now, i put disney in quotes because i don’t think i saw one official disney product while i was there.  they were all hand painted.  all of them used to attract kids to a school, church, or day care.  have a few disney loving kids back home i tried to snap as many images as i could as our buss flew down the roads.  here are a few that came out in focus.  enjoy.

some of the artist did better than others.  here was a less than stellar mickey.  along with a bit of looney toons cross promotion.

everyone know disney and jesus christ go hand in hand.

it’s heartbreaking to live in a world were there can be such extreme poverty in one city and be able to board a plane, fly 2 hours and be in disney world.  it’s something that our family wrestles with almost on a daily basis.

i don’t know how to end this post.

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