Katie & Chance | Wedding Photography Villa di Felicita
Katie & Chance | Wedding Photography Villa di Felicita

Katie & Chance had an incredibly fun wedding at the Villa di Felicita in Tyler.  I have had a December wedding there every year for the past 4 years and each one has been a blast.  I can’t say en ough about how great Ronda and her staff are.
Brides, call and book them today for your wedding.(903) 597-0002 :)

On to the images.

This bridesmaid had lip gloss with an LED flashlight and mirror built in.  LED.  Seriously?
I would love to have been at the product meeting.
Engineer 1: “Where can we put and LED light so that it will have the most impact for humanity?”
Engineer 2: “Uh… I don’t know, what if we replace city lights to conserve power nationwide.”
Engineer 1: “Not good enough.”
Engineer 2: “Why not give one to every kid in Africa so they can see where thy are going at night?”
Engineer 1: “Not good enough.”
Engineer 2: “Sometimes my wife complains that it’s hard to put her lipstick on while driving at night.”
Engineer 1: “Perfect!”

Katie basically spent her entire day smiling and laughing.  She was the perfect bride.

These two were hesitant to do a First Look, but then went on and on about how glad they were they had one.  I love when couples have these moments alone.

If Chance looks familiar to some of you it’s because he’s been a pitcher for the Longhorns the past few seasons.

Chance being Chance.

I’m pretty sure these two ring bearers came away with more photos than I did.

A wedding photographer’s dream.  NINE single bridesmaids.  The business cards were out in full force. :)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE when couples choose to have a private meal together.  It’s there one last chance to visit before the paparazzi of wedding guests attacks them. :)

There was much dancing.

Thank you guys for a great day.  Can’t wait to get your SuperSquare to you!

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