Jo’s Tooth
Jo’s Tooth

So yesterday was a big day in our house.  Jo lost his first tooth.  It’s been pretty loose the past week or so and he has been messing with it 24/7.
(A few days ago he said he could not sleep because his tooth was too loose.)

Anyway while I was on Linsey’s bridal session Danielle called me with the video camera rolling because Jo had some news to share.  

One of the most underated part of being a parent is getting to make new/cool rules up along the way.  Danielle and I decided that the first tooth you lose should count for more.  Ten Bucks!  That’s right “tooth fairy”, you can keep your stinkin’ quarters, it’s all about the Hamilton’s at our house.  Jo had a blast picking out a new toy at Target and Sara got a new shirt. :)

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