Happy Snake Attack Day!!!
Happy Snake Attack Day!!!

Today is the 5 year anniversary of our favorite holiday.  Snake Attack Day!!!

A little background: A few years ago I was sitting at my desk working when I heard Danielle let out a scream.  I grabbed my camera and ran towards her.  The following video is what happened.

Here are a few ways we are celebrating this year.

Danielle is making Snake Sticks for breakfast. (Cinnamon sticks.)
An over abundance of gummy worms.
I’m encouraging all the kids to sssspeak with an exssstra long lisssp.

We are thinking of going all out starting next year and giving the kids they day off from school as well as me getting a paid vacation day. What do you think?

3 things I would LOVE from the comments.
1. Be nice to my wife.
2. Snake Attack Day celebration ideas.
3. Tell me your “scariest” encounter with nature.

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