Gender Confusion and Wedding Planning
Gender Confusion and Wedding Planning

A couple of days ago a friend of ours had some flowers delivered to us.  He tried to get them sent to the hospital, but they didn’t make it there in time.  The next goal was to get them to our house, and after a few days they finally arrived.

The flowers are great.  I’m just not sure why the card says “It’s a Girl!”.  I asked my friend about them and he said he told them boy.

The lesson for all you brides:  Make sure your vendors know what’s going on.  Your wedding may be a big deal to you, but for some vendors you are just another date on a long list of Saturdays.  Make sure they are checking in with you or your coordinator from time to time and everyone is one the same page.

Oh and Emily, Britni, Polly, Josey, J’Vonne, Linsey, Amanda, Jayme, Stefanie, Chelsea, Kim, Megan, Neili, Rachel, Erika, Jade, Salem, Randall, Jordan, Erin and Brandy don’t worry.

You are not just another date.

I am looking forward to your weddings and can’t wait to work with each of you!

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