Gini & Charlie | Engagement Photography Tyler, TX
Gini & Charlie | Engagement Photography Tyler, TX

After about 10 minutes with these two they quickly moved to the top of my “Weddings I Can’t Wait To Shoot Next Year” List.  They were so fun and so laid back.  They love to go out on the lake so that’s where we started the session.  Here are a few of my favorites.

As we were driving along I became fascinated with Gini’s hair that was flying all over the place.  I’m loving these two shots.

Charlie would “propose” to Gini every so often with a ring pop.  One day he gave her this plastic ring without the sucker.  She complained and then he gave her the wrapper with her ring inside it.  Well played Charlie.  Well played.

Like I said, I’m giddy as a school girl to get their wedding.  It’s gonna be at The Belgium House in Longview & The Mug Machine will be wrecking havoc.  Save the date folks.

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