Engagement Photography Tyler TX | Erin & Chris
Engagement Photography Tyler TX | Erin & Chris

From what I can tell, there are basically 2 types of people who are music majors, the first is the stereotypical “band nerd” (Yes Wes, I’m looking your way.) The second are the people who are so stinking cool you wish everyone else was like them. Erin & Chris are prime examples of type 2.

These two rocked my socks off pretty much all session long. Every time I kept thinking the session could not be going better, they would take it to another level and up the ante.  They are my first wedding of 2010 so the rest of my 2010 couples better bring the funk if they wanna keep up with these two.

Let me be very clear, I pretty much think I have cornered the market on great couples, but to earn a Same Day Edit you pretty much have to ooze with coolness. So what is it that pushed them over the top? Was it the fact that during our session they got like 3 or 4 txt messages asking when their engagement session would be online? Was it the fact that they both have iPhones? Was it the fact that Erin has eyes that are so great they might get their own session? Yes, yes, and yes.

Did I mention they are also ninjas?

It’s like they are prisoners of each others love!

Thanks so much guys for a great session!

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