Engagement Photography Longview TX | Laura & Chad
Engagement Photography Longview TX | Laura & Chad

I am really pumped about Chad & Laura’s wedding next month. I fell in love with them after about 30 seconds and am really looking forward to capturing their day and taking lots and lots of pictures of them. We did their engagement session in Longview, TX and even though it was a bit warm, no one complained and we got some amazing stuff.

These two have known each other since high school and I loved their chemistry, it’s like they are in sync. They know when to smile, when to be serious, and when to snuggle up a bit and just laugh.

We started the session in Longview, but actually made a stop in Cairo.

Chad is such a gentleman, it was too bright on the roof, so he was constantly jumping off the ledge just so Laura would not be squinting in the photos.

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