Dinosaurs Belong In Your Wedding (Maybe)
Dinosaurs Belong In Your Wedding (Maybe)

So, interestingly enough, this is the second time I’m doing a blog post about dinosaurs.  The first one was ok, this one is better. :)

A few days ago this photo popped up on the internet. Mad props to the photographer Quinn Miller. I loved his story about it and why he did it.

The photographer knew of the groom’s love for dinosaurs and thought it would be fun to try out the shot. That’s it. They were not following a trend on Pinterest, they were not working off a Style Me Pretty checklist. They had an idea and ran with it. (Get it… “ran with it.”)

It’s super easy to get caught in the wedding checklist mindset. There are 3.7 billions wedding sites on the web and most of them have a great list of helpful tips and ideas. The problem is the more lists you look at they feel less like suggestions and more like the 10 Commandments to a successful wedding.

I’ve had couples dress up their dogs, make a cake out of Lego blocks, and stick skulls next to the cake table.

AND even CRAZIER… my bride this past weekend had NO WEDDING CAKE!!!! (Oh the horror!)

Here is the photo I didn’t take of her not having a cake.

All of these things might be strange at your wedding. But they were totally in line with each couple and I loved them for it.


This is your wedding not Martha Stewart’s.
You are starting your marriage.
Do it your way.
Be creative.
Have fun.
Enjoy yourself.
It’s a celebration.

You were alone and someone wandered up to you and said I choose you. I pick you. I love you.
Take them by the hand and run. Run together for the rest of your life.

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