Colette, Nathan, & Jaya
Colette, Nathan, & Jaya

I had a blast shooting my sister in law, her husband, and super cute baby girl this morning. They live in Hong Kong so this was my first shot at taking some photos since they have had their little girl. Jaya loves me most of all the people she has met here in the States and her face lights up when her Uncle Awesome comes in the room. :) Here are a few of my favorites…

Some people put babies in pumpkins and flower pots, I found this great concrete cylinder and thought it would be cool.

She decided to turn around and make sure her mom was OK.

I’m not sure why she made this face, but I felt like the internet needed to see it.

Their college fight song.

Many thanks to my friend Tammy Williams, an amazing children’s photographer, for advice on posing, tips, and ideas. All you moms with babies should definitely set up a photo session with her.

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