Ashley & Blake | Henderson, TX Engagement Photographer
Ashley & Blake | Henderson, TX Engagement Photographer

it would be impossible for me to love ashley and blake more.  these two have such a realness about them.  i loved their story and can’t wait to share more of it with you.  it was a little chilly when we shot, but their love managed to keep them both warm. ;)

engagement session on the land you grew up on with your grandmother’s quilt near the hay your boyfriend proposed to you at?  check.

i love how much blake makes ashley smile and laugh.

part of their story involves how they met at atm and then blake moved to california to become a fancy schmancy animator. (you’ve seen boardwalk empire right?  he basically makes each episode all on his own.)  anyway, every so often he comes all the way in from california to hug ashley.  it looks like this.
(give it time to load.)

thanks for sharing your awesomeness with me.

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