All Over Again
All Over Again

So, this may come as a surprise to some of you, but way back in the day, (2008-ish) I used to be a wedding videographer. I still love wedding videos. When my sister-in-law’s husband told me he was surprising her by doing a fake vow renewal at the church they were married in 3 years ago, I was giddy. See, I filmed their 1st wedding back on January 13, 2007, so the chance to pull out a camera and shoot some video at a “ceremony” was too good to pass up. I was just planning on giving them the footage I shot, but then the video editing bug bit me and I whipped this together.

Three Quick words of warning.

1. Our oldest two kids were in the original wedding so they got to play a part again. (Just ignore their attire.)

2. I was manually focusing while holding a child for most of this footage so cut me some slack.

3. Colette is about 5 months pregnant in the renewal footage vs the -14 months pregnant she was on her wedding day. :)


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