You Smell Delicious!
You Smell Delicious!

What if you could choose the very first words you spoke to the person you were going to marry?  Would you scour Cary Grant movies in search of that perfect phrase?  Would you read every line Jane Austen wrote till you found that hidden gem?  Or… would you just roll with whatever popped into your head?  That’s what Emily did and you’ll love what she came up with.

Emily & Lucas first met in a Physics lab at ATM.  They then went on to fall madly in love while she stalked him at his job at Muldoon’s Coffee House.  They are getting married under the Century Tree next year.  They will live happily ever after.

Ready to meet them?  I thought so.

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After a few cups of coffee we were of to the Physics building.   This is the class room they met in. And, on that very first day of class, while sitting at that desk, Emily leaned over and whispered….

“Not to make this weird… but you smell delicious.”

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Another little story from their first day in class.
There was a tiny lady bug flying all around that just captivated the students.  Soon after Emily earned the nickname “Ladybug” from Lucas.
So major bonus points to Emily for her outfit choice. ;)


And, like all good Aggies, after class we headed over to the Chicken.


Hey, remember that time they carved their initials onto the wall back when they were dating?

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Thanks for a great session.  Thanks for being so chill.  Emily, thanks for booking me.  Lucas, thanks for smelling oh so delicious.


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