5 Tips On Picking Wedding Flowers
5 Tips On Picking Wedding Flowers

We are half way through our 25 tips on planning your wedding and today’s guest post is from Barbara of La Tee Da Flowers in Tyler, TX. ┬áHere are jsut a few shots of her amazing work.

When I asked her for some flower tips this is what she had to say…

I’m often asked this,

What should I bring when I have my wedding consultation?

Your consultant will be able to offer you more creative suggestions based on the information that you provide. Your florist will want to create a spectacular and memorable event just for you. Anything you bring will be beneficial. Pictures that depict what you have in mind are helpful. If you’ve seen pictures of things on line or in magazines, bring them. Bring a photo of your dress and a sample of the fabric or lace if you have it. Swatches and pictures of the bridesmaids dresses are helpful. Also bring pictures of your wedding location..especially if it’s a location that is new or not used before, such as your backyard or neighbors yard. Most florist will want to see the venue in advance of the wedding but this will help with the initial consultation. Also think of what “style” of wedding you want. If you are not sure, your florist can offer suggestions based on your wedding plans so far.

Here are some of the main things you should know before you visit us for the first time.

Where the sites are of your wedding and reception are?
What are the colors of your wedding?
What is the size of the bridal party?
What is the approximate guest count?.
What is your floral budget?

La Tee Da Flowers
105 North Spring Avenue
Tyler, TX 75702-7225
(903) 566-1566

Give her a call and start planning your flowers!!!

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