4 Kids, 4 iPhones, 14 Hours
4 Kids, 4 iPhones, 14 Hours

So I know I posted some photos of Eli on Friday, and I’m giving you more family photos today.  I promise this won’t turn into a “what Alex’s family is up to” blog, but I had to share a few gems from our recent little mini-vacation.

Last week we headed out to New Mexico to visit Danielle’s Grandparents.

The shortest distance between two points is…. a curvy line.  Super.  It’s not like we have 4 kids.  I’m sure they would LOVE a 14 hour car ride.  One way.  Awesome.

This was the solution we came up with.

In fact, as far as photography, we only took iPhones on this trip and were able to photograph and film tons of great footage.  It was kinda fun to be limited to what it could do.  Maybe I’ll shoot my next wedding exclusively on an iPhone. :)

We actually managed to only make 4 stops each way.  The trick is, when you stop, make the kids run FOREVER.  Then they get tired and can’t wait to “rest” in the car.  (The little red and black dots are Sara & Joseph.)

We had told the kids they would also get little prizes along the way.  Jo was expecting a Lego set and as we got a few miles outside of Abilene he muttered this quote:

“Mom, are we going to get my Lego set soon because I feel like we are getting close to where they don’t have anything.”

True-er words were never spoken.

Somewhere along the Texas border my phone decided I was in Mexico and jumped me onto TelCel, an international carrier, and wanted to charge me many pesos for data.   Awesome.

At one of our stops, we found a little photo booth and crammed in for a Family Portrait.  Hey, it’s no Mug Machine, but it worked. :)

Las Cruces is a great little city, but they have some jacked up business names.  These were some of our favorites.

Super original.

La Tee Da should add an “RAMA” to the end of their name.

I really wanted to go in here, but Danielle was scared Eli would get eaten.

Regardless of how much time we spent in the car, it’s always nice when you can get your kid to play Jenga with his Great Grandfather.

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