Yo Momma
Yo Momma

Here’s a crazy little fact about Danielle. She has been a mom for pretty much our entire marriage. Seriously, about 2 or 3 weeks after we said I do, Joseph showed up in her belly and it’s been kid after kid ever since. It’s strange to think of what life would be like without kids and motherhood is just something that Danielle does naturally. (Growing up with 4 younger siblings gave her plenty of practice.)

Anyway, she is far and away the best mother I know and she is the reason our family is what it is. Here are just a few moments from the past 6.5 years of motherhood.  

I love this one. Straight out of an Alfred Hitchcock movie.  


She was super pregnant and tired, yet still letting the kids crawl up in her lap and fall asleep.  


All Sara wants to be when she grows up is a “mom”.  How cool is that?


Teaching Luke to walk.

Same song, second verse.  



There is not a more selfless, draining, rewarding, frustrating, enjoyable, forgettable job around and Danielle does it better than anyone.

Our kids are crazy about you and have no idea just how great they have it. You impress me day after day.
In the past year alone you have taught Jo to read and do math, Sara to color, Luke to poop in the potty and Eli to sleep in his own bed.
You are freaking amazing!
I love you and am honored that you are the mother of those 4 crazy things we call our kids.


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