Lindsay & Chris
Lindsay & Chris

Lindsay & Chris crushed their wedding day.  Not because everything was perfect, but because they never let the little bumps mess with their mojo.

These two were married at Wylde Acres.  A “new-ish” venue in the Longview area.  There are 2 reasons’s I can’t say enough great things about this place.
1. I genuianly LOVE it.
2. Lindsay’s parents own the joint so I’m pretty sure they will be reading this post.
(Side note to other photographers out there: I’ve had the privilege of shooting a few venue owners daughter’s weddings over the years.  It’s always an extra special honor because I know they see so many great photographers and that they would trust me with “their day” is a huge vote of confidence.  If you get asked to do one of these weddings, don’t sweat it.  Do you thing. That’s why they are asking you to take the photos.  It’ll be fine.  These brides are no more special than normal brides.  OK, that’s a lie, they are more special.  They are magical.  The normal brides are just regular every day brides.

Calavera Cakery.  Boom.  Yummy and Pretty.

Ampersand Family was there filming and I loved creeping in on this moment where Lindsay was reading her vows.

Say hello to Cruz.  He was there to watch his parents get married.  (He’s the best.)

Lindsay went back and forth on doing a First Look.  About 4 days before the wedding her and Chris decided to do one and I’m so thrilled they did.  These moments are always some of my favorites from the day.


Hello beautiful people.

True story.  I took the following photos in 43 seconds.  Kids ain’t got time for slow photographers.

Speaking of kid’s ain’t got time…. Cruz was ready for his nap.

Chris is like a professional expression maker.  I loved all the random faces I caught him making on their day.

There were a few members of the wedding party who were… what’s the word…. oh yeah…complaining that we went all they way out to the wood pile for these shots.  I’m so so sorry I asked that of you.  If you want I can delete these photos and we can pretend this moment never happened.

Fantasy and Fairytale Floral Designs did an amazing job.

Just as we were finishing photos it started to drizzle.  Chris was super prepared and was ready with the umbrella.

Turns out Linday’s nephew was more prepared and loaded her up onto the Kubota and drove her to safety.

Cruz. Happy again.

I kept waiting for a kid to in for a Caparisun and come out with a Keystone.

I noticed something on Robin’s dress earlier and sure enough, it’s just what I thought it was. #cruz #grandmother

Cruz was more interested in his shoe than his parents joining together in holy matrimony.

Lindsay’s late brother Maverick bought and drove this van to Alaska a few years ago.  It’s super special to their family so of course we worked it into the day.

(Faithful readers will also recognize it from Britany & Aaron’s wedding.  Aaron went on that cross country trip as well.)

Things that guests sign that you display are my favorite thing to make guests sign.

I dig it when the couple’s grandparents win the anniversary dance.

I’ve seen a lot of guys go in for the garter.  I’ve never had one come out with this look on his face.

The only thing these two do better than dance is karaoke.

Why yes, that is a cup of alchohol flying through the air.

Lindsay was the best bride.  #1.

You two were a joy.  Thank you for trusting me with your special day. (Not that your day was any more special than a normal bride’s day.)









































(j/k it totally was more special.)

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