What To Wear To Your Engagement Session
What To Wear To Your Engagement Session

One of the questions I often get asked is “What should we wear?”  Rather than continue to answer it over and over I figured I’d throw out a little post on the topic.  Let’s start with what you should NOT wear. :)

Here is a shot I took back in 2006 when I was starting out.

I’m the one who told them to wear blue jeans and black.  That’s what I thought you were “supposed” to wear if you were engaged and being photographed.  The official uniform of engaged people.

Last year I took a family photo of them and we tweaked the outfit a bit. :)

Obviously the adorably cute baby helps, but having them dress in “normal people clothes” also makes the photo look more genuine.

My standard advice is wear what you would typically wear if you wanted to look good.  Don’t go overboard, but at the same time don’t show up for your session in the clothes you rolled out of bed in.  Try stuff that looks good together, but avoid matchy-matchy outfits at all costs.  I once refused to shoot a couple who showed up in white and khaki.  OK I’m kidding with that last sentence but I wish I could. :)

Here are a few examples of people that look great together in swanky clothes.

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