Wedding Photography Villa di Felicita | Kim & Josh
Wedding Photography Villa di Felicita | Kim & Josh

Many of you will recognize Kim and Josh from my little promo video that Vaness McKellar did for me. If you have not seen it before, grab some popcorn and take a minute to watch it. You’ll see just how much fun the two of them are.

(Mini Rant 1: Vanessa was there filming the wedding since her and her husband are so great to work with and I believe EVERY couple should have their wedding filmed we are offering a little deal for future brides. Stay tuned to the blog for details coming soon.)

Anyway, I had such a great time at Kim & Josh’s wedding. I was there for a little over 10 hours and loved being able to capture the day form beginning to end. Rather than me blab on and on, Let’s get to the images.

The Villa was as always… a perfect place to have a wedding.

In true Aggie fashion, they brought this and basically tailgated before the wedding. It was pretty awesome.

Kim was a perfect bride in the sense that she let others help her and pamper her, but still took time to make sure everyone else was having a good day.

So I brought this chair in from outside for the flower girl to sit on and someone shouted “Frog!” We had yet to see Josh, so could this be a Magical Disney Moment?

Those of you who know Josh and his fondness for the color burnt orange will appreciate this photo. ;)

About 2 weeks ago Kim called me and said. “OK, Josh and I have decided to see each other before the ceremony. I thought I’d tell you so you could be excited.” :) I was giddy.

(Mini Rant 2: Unless you go a wedding weekend after weekend there really is no way of describing how hectic and “un-romantic” SOME of them can be. There are literally hundreds of people around, all of them are wanting to talk to both the bride and groom, there is a timeline that we have to stay on or guests start to bolt for the doors, and every now and then people are running late from the get go. Every time couple choose to see each other before hand I love it. Not because it makes my job easier, or because I’m ready to get the pictures over with, but because I know that you will have some time alone. Time to reflect on the day, time to enjoy each other’s company, and time to whisper nice things in each other’s ears. If it really is a day about just the two of you, then having some moments like these guarantees that it turns out that way. Oh by the way, we’ll also get TONS of super great shots of the two of you.)

Kim had been “fine” all day, but the second she stepped into that chapel, she started tearing up.

One of my favorites form the day.

Kim’s family is not normal. Josh is.

Kim not being a big cake fan, decided to have Josh feed her chips and salsa.

Casey Brown, the best DJ in the area, was there making sure everyone had a good time.

The Vendors
Flowers: Michele’s Flowers by Ela
Venue: Villa di Felicita
Videography : Vanessa McKellar Productions

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