Wedding Photography The Belgium House | Amanda & Royce
Wedding Photography The Belgium House | Amanda & Royce

As I was working on this post I got an E-mail from Amanda who is on her honeymoon in Jamaica. It was neat to hear from her while editing the images, but kinda frustrating to hear from here because she is in Jamaica. :)

Anyway, on to the images….

From the get-go I knew it would be a great day. Amanda was all smiles as she got out of the car.  

The first thing she did was offer me a cookie. (It’s bad luck to NOT eat a cookie a bride offers… right?)  

This is a journal that Royce and Amanda have been writing in the past few months. They had phrases from it hung all over the place as decorations. Super cool stuff.  


I really love this shot. Way back in 1991 Royce had a dream about seeing his wife walking down a set of spiral stair cases. He wrote about it in a journal at the time and they had that phrase hanging at the spiral stair cases at The Belgium House.  


Royce is one of those guys that other guys just can’t stand. He’s good looking, funny, writes in journals, is super polite.  Basically everyone likes him. I’m thinking of getting t-shirts made that say “I wish I was Royce”.  


Did I mention Royce sings? Him and Amanda pretty much had everyone in tears.  



How cool is this thing?!? Again, parts from the journal, mixed in with some stunning Alex M Photography. :)  


These next few images are just some of the may many incredible details and decorations that Amanda did. If you can remember form her bridal session, she likes pink. I’m going to give you some space to get ready for the pink overload that follows.




Venue: The Belgium House
Flowers: The French Pea 903.939.3907
Cakes: Sweet Treats By Cynthia 903.705.2653
Dress: Brides & Bells Tyler, Texas | 903.581-8211

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