Jean, James, & The Purple Wedding
Jean, James, & The Purple Wedding

Sometimes when I get to a wedding and a bride had told me her color it’s still hard to “find” her color.  There was no doubt Jean wanted a bit of purple in her day. :)

These two had one of the sweetest First Looks in a while.  They just stood there and hugged and talked for quite a while.

I’m not sure who drew their gun first, but there was a bit of a stand off for a while.  Things got tense. :)

Flying bridesmaid.

Impromptu Dance Party.

This was James as they left the ceremony and were heading down the hall for a few minutes alone. :)

CMB DJs with a non-impromptu dance party.
Also, a big thanks to Stephanie Jamison for coordinating this wedding.  You can reach here at (903) 922-6896 or follow her on Twitter where she is always giving out great little planning tips.

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