Wedding Photography Longview, TX | Jayme & Jake
Wedding Photography Longview, TX | Jayme & Jake

I arrive a bit early to this wedding and it’s a good thing I did. There was a growing chance of rain and Jayme kept saying over and over all she cared about was the photos. Her and Jake were NOT planning on seeing each other before the ceremony, but with the rain looming and the photography being so important to her she decided to bite the bullet and see Jake before the ceremony.

Allow me a quick rant if you will. My general rule is that if a bride is dead set on not seeing each other before hand then I don’t talk about it, but if she is open to the idea even the slightest bit, then I do everythign I can to encourage/force it. ;) The day is just so much smoother and stress free and every single couple that has done it absolutely loves it. (It also gives us plenty of time for great photos, and you more time to hang with friends and family.)

Back to the wedding at hand. Jayme had been pretty set on not seeing him before hand, so the fact that she would change plans at the last minute was a HUGE deal and she took it and the rain in total stride. She did amazing and I’m so glad we were able to get the shots we did.  




Grooms cake.  

Do you have your tickets to the gun show?  

They were married at Jake’s house and seriously, with a wedding walk like this one can you blame them?  

They also were in the center of all their friends and family. Another super nice touch.  

She took me up on one of my tips about having dinner alone together.  

JD the DJ was there and he had records! Old School. I loved it! 

Thanks guys for being so willing to go with the flow on a crazy day.  You were both great!

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