Vendor Interviews: The Legacy Venue Jacksonville, TX
Vendor Interviews: The Legacy Venue Jacksonville, TX

I love me some Legacy Venue! A few weeks ago I shot my first wedding at one of the newer venues in the area. The Legacy Venue in Jacksonville. I always love shooting at new places and this was no exception. The place is beautiful and Susan and her staff do a great job taking care of all the little details that you run into on the day of your wedding. You may remember Laura & Neal’s wedding from last month, but if you don’t here are a few reminder photos.

Here is the bridal room in action. You could probably fit anywhere from 10-15 girls in the room and everyone would have some mirror space. :)

wedding photography legacy venue jacksonville tx

These two were married indoors, but The Legacy also has a great gorgeous spot for an outdoor wedding.

wedding photography legacy venue jacksonville tx

wedding photography legacy venue jacksonville tx

A few shots from the reception hall.

wedding photography legacy venue jacksonville tx

wedding photography legacy venue jacksonville tx

In other exciting news the wedding was picked up by a great wedding blog called Hot Pink Brides.

You can see their write up about it here

Anyway, I always think getting to know your wedding vendors is super important for a bride so here is a little interview I did with The Legacy Venue’s owner, Susan Jones. Enjoy.

How did you guys get started, how long have you been doing this?
We have always loved to host special events. We even held a few weddings at our home before we built the facility. We started building The Legacy in June 2008 and completed it by November 1, 2008

What is your favorite part about your job?
Sharing a very special day in someone’s life.

What is the craziest thing that has ever happened at your venue?
(This of course does not mean that you were responsible for the crazy.)

We had someone propose to his girlfriend at “The Legacy”. That was really neat and something we will always remember. 

What are some things brides should look for when looking for a venue?
I think having many options is very important because every bride and groom visualize something different for their special day. I also think it is important that when choosing a venue, that if they want to get married outside, you also have a chapel or a place inside just in case it rains. It is a lot less stressful if you have a plan “B”.

What is something unique to your venue that you are extra proud of?
We love the layout of the facility and the massive window in the reception hall. We also love the fact that the bride and groom have many options for the reception hall layout. The reception hall was built so the dance floor, DJ, Band, tables, chairs, food tables, cakes, etc… can be wherever they would like it to be. They can have any of these things wherever they would like and it looks great!

Anything else you wanna say?
We have a passion for what we do and enjoy sharing that special day in someone’s life. The vows and toasts are one of our favorite parts of a wedding because what is said comes straight from the heart.

The Legacy Venue

Phone: (903) 571-9644 or (903) 586-6463 


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