Calley & Will | Triathlon Engagement
Calley & Will | Triathlon Engagement

I loved Calley & Will from the moment I met them.  They are such an easygoing couple and super great to chat with.  And, due to my newfound interest in running, Will became my new hero.  (You’ll soon see why.)  We did the whole session in Rose Rudman Park in Tyler, TX.  This is where these two spend so much of their time.  Although… they usually are not wearing  fancy official engaged outfits like these.  (But they do look pretty swell in them.)

triatholon-engagement-photographer-01 triatholon-engagement-photographer-02

This is what they typically look like. :)


These two love to compete in triathlons.  (Will is kinda awesome at them.)

triatholon-engagement-photographer-04 triatholon-engagement-photographer-05 triatholon-engagement-photographer-06 triatholon-engagement-photographer-07 triatholon-engagement-photographer-08

I mentioned Will pretty good.  By pretty good I actually meant ranked number 6 in the state of Texas.  As in… he’s kinda like a machine.  A really kind nice machine that will crush you in a triathlon.

triatholon-engagement-photographer-09 triatholon-engagement-photographer-10


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