top 10 2017 | the winners!
top 10 2017 | the winners!

Hey hey, the people have spoken and here are the winners for this years contests.

Movie: I feel better about making these two clean up popcorn off a movie theater floor now that I know their image won.

Rope: Ann & Tonya’s nautical themed wedding was the perfect backdrop for their ring shot.

Anna Caroline was one of the sweetest brides I’ve had in years. So happy she won.

Gummy: How could anyone beat gummy bears raining down form the heavens?

Bear: I mean…. was this category ever in doubt?

Kally & Kishan: This casual walk after the ceremony was so organic and natural. Sometimes the moment finds your camera and all you have to do is click.

Each year it’s so hard for me to narrow down the categories and pick only 10 photos per section. Here are 100 more of my favorite images that were not able to make the cut into the top 10.

Lots and lots of eye candy below. Enjoy.

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