top 10 2016 | random
top 10 2016 | random

It’s that time again. It’s time to look back at some of the best photos from 2016. Everyday we’ll be taking a look at a new category. Voting is open till 10am and the winners will be announced Monday. The winning entries will each receive a 16×20 print.

Today’s category: Random

Sometimes it’s the unexpected moment that stand out the most to me from a wedding day. The things you don’t plan for, the tiny details that bubble up to the surface and make your day that much more unique. Here are a few of my favorites from this past year

1.  Run!
(This little man made a run for it. Thought he could get out of the group photo. He was wrong.)

2. Pits
(The best part about getting married is when your sister rubs in your deodorant for you.)

3. Fall
(Sometimes brides fall on the dance floor. Sometimes I take photos of it.)

4. Aunts
(When your Aunts wear this to your rehearsal dinner.  You know you have a great family.)

5. Head
(I LOVE this photo.  Who gets married in a museum full of stuff like this?  Get married where YOU want to.  Tony & Rebecca sure did.)

6. Young & Old
(Sometimes the people watching the dancing are more interesting than the people dancing.)

7. $100
(That moment when during your family photos your grandfather remembers he wanted to give you 100 dollars.)

8. Powder Room
(Sometimes I wait outside the bathroom for the bride to walk out so I can get an awkward photo of her. That’s not creepy right?)

9. Drops
(Erin truly was a beautiful bride. Stunning.)

10. 2075
(Sarah’s grandparents have been married for 59 years. When I mentioned to her and Thomas that they won’t reach that milestone till the year 2075, she closed her eyes in amazement, and Thomas wiped his brow.)

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