Top 10 2013 | Ring Photos
Top 10 2013 | Ring Photos

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Today’s category: Wedding Rings

I always feel a couple’s ring photo should be a reflection of them.  You should be able to look at it and see a little glimpse into who they are and what they love.  Here are a few of my favorites form this part year.

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1. Green: Blake works in visual effects, I wanted him to be able to drop his rings into any film he made in the future. ;)


2. Chop: Gabby & Kendal met in Hong Kong.  This one was too easy.


3. Meds:  Right before the ceremony Jaime got a crushing headache.  These were the magic pills that saved the day.


4. Bible: Travis & Heather’s whole life revolves around the words in this book


5. Knot: Shelly & Caleb used this rope as a part of their ceremony.


6. Shades: Thy & Jonathan entered their reception rockin’ these shades.


7. Baseball: Alex played baseball all through college so Lauren gave him one with their name on it.


8. Bling: Krystle’s ring was kinda blingy.  I put it with more shiny things.


9. Yoshi: Tara & Lee love to play Mario Kart and these are their favorite characters.


10. Sword: Joe is in the Air Force.  That means he has cool weapons.


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