top 10 2013 | wedding photos
top 10 2013 | wedding photos

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Today’s category: Weddings

Bridals, engagements, photo booths, they are all fun, but this is why we are here,  to witness the union of two people. Here are some of my favorite photos from weddings in 2013.

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1. Ashley & Blake: I loved this moment from their First Look.  Just the two of them sharing one of many many laughs on their wedding day.


2. Gabrielle & Kendal: I’m a bit partial to this photo.  The little man is my oldest son.  He got a bit embarrassed when the bridesmaids commented on how handsome he was.  (Also, how hot is that bridesmaid on the left?)


3. Angela & BJ:  When BJ had Angela’s daughter come up so he could give her a necklace and promise to love her forever.  Everyone teared up.

4. Jaimie & Nolan: Jaimie had been feeling bad all day and was not up to a big first dance grand entrance.  So Nolan did the next best thing.  He danced with her in the kitchen in a back room before they made their entrance.

5. Heather & Travis: All Heather & Travis wanted was a wedding out in a big open field.  I think they managed to find one. :)


6. Dee & Dustin: As a general rule, if you get married in a red dress, you are gonna make the top 10.


7. Amanda & Clayton:  I always love it when couples do a get away that involves people throwing things at their face.


8. Jennifer & Jonathan:  This military couple was up for anything.  Including jumping up on a big hay bail.


9. Meagan & Joe: Most brides know in advance they are gonna get popped on the way out.  Most brides still forget. :)

10. Natalie & Jason: I’m not exaggerating when I say that Jason must have repeated the words “you are so beautiful.” about 30 times during their First Look.


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