top 10 2013 | random photos
top 10 2013 | random photos

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Today’s category: Random 

The thing with weddings is that you can Pinterest them to death but sometimes it’s the unplanned random moments that end up sticking out and being the best.

Take a look at the entries then vote at the bottom of this post.

1. Pick: Like that time your ring bearer gets caught with his finger all the way in right before you hand him the pillow.

2. Boots: Lady-shmady.  I’m gonna be comfortable on my wedding day.  I’m wearing my riding boots. :)

3. Dance:  Remember that time my groomsman owned the entire dance floor.


4. Spaghetti:  This was a groomsman.  This was one of the best men the groom knew.  This guy is in his inner circle.  Kinda says something doesn’t it.

5. Scream:  When your cousins go around yelling at people to take shots…. you may have an awesome wedding.


6. Photo Bomb:  Well done.  Well done indeed.


7. Best Man:  Best looking best man I’ve ever seen.


8. Party Shirts: These Air Foce guys were rockin’ these shirts under their blues.  So so awesome.


9. High Five:  When the groom asks to end the wedding with an 80’s movie style high five with his guys… you may have an awesome wedding.


10. Jesus:  I am the light of the world.  (And the breaker box.)


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