Top 10 2012: Wedding
Top 10 2012: Wedding

ok people, time to get your vote on. the couple with the winning image will get a fancy big 16×20 print. pick your favorite image. you can only vote once, the voting is open for 2 days. winners will be announced january 21.

vote at the bottom of this post.

ready set. go!

here are the entries.

rachael & daniel’s wedding really was about having fun with all their friends.  i love this shot of them leaving.

christa & jeff were super super flirty flirty and affectionate.  i love this one from their first look.

audrey & cody really seamed to soak up every moment of their day. i love that audrey is laughing even though the horse just ate part of her bouquet.

lindsey & brandon had fun all day.  (this is the part where brandon had extra fun.)

lisa & mike were so so sweet to each other.  mike is a huge guy with such a tender heart.  i loved this moment alone they had.

tiffany & chris had the perfect sunset wedding. chris rarely took his eyes off her.

this shot of stephenie and jared leaving the ceremony is one of my all time favorites.

christen & brandon may have been my most “romantic” couple.  i love this shot peaking through the leaves during their first look at elmwood gardens.

cassie and kinsey may have laughed more together on their wedding day than any couple i ever photographed.  (that is a great sign for their marriage.)
rory is basically the man every father wants his daughter to bring home one day.  during his first look he kept talking about how gorgeous lisa is.
(huge bonus points for him wanting to see every detail of her dress.)

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