Top 10 2012: Rings
Top 10 2012: Rings

ok people, time to get your vote on. the couple with the winning image will get a fancy big 16×20 print. pick your favorite image. you can only vote once, the voting is open for 2 days. winners will be announced january 21.

vote at the bottom of this post.

ready set. go!

here are the entries.
i love telling the story of a couple with their ring shots.  it’s one of my favorite parts of the day.  sometimes i find elements from their wedding day, sometimes i have a plan going into the day from their back story.  other times i’m totally not sure what to do but by the end of the night the perfect location has appeared.  here is a little background on the ring photos you are voting on.

jessica likes fancy things.  nothing says fancy like jimmy choo.  (this one was too easy.)

christa and jeff read their vows from their phones and actually updated their facebook status BEFORE kissing as man and wife.

chesley and andy kinda have this thing for collecting they can collect them forever.  together.  as man and wife.

i love how denise and josh worked so many elements of their journey into their wedding day.  it had to be a part of their ring shot. (plus aggies are always wanting more photos of their “real” rings.)

audrey actually won an old camp truck in a contest for cody.  this was part of the engine.

the girls at lindsey’s wedding got ready at a house with a fancy toilet.  it sprayed water.  the girls found it funny.  so did i.

kay and wayman had this guy named joe nichols come and sing at their reception.  he is kinda a country star.  we were all impresed.

ashley and chadd had these matchbooks at their reception.  (i didn’t ask permission to light the rings on fire.)

this is a page from karen’s diary.  where she wrote about the man she was going to marry.  28 years before she married him.  (this may be my favorite one ever.)

lisa and rory met at a hospital where both of them work.  they listened to their hearts and now they are married.  :)

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