The Fort
The Fort

So, for those of you who follow me on Facebook or Twitter, last week you may have heard me mention/complain about how sore I was from building “The Fort”. My friend Wes came over and basically did all the real work while I cheered him on and paid for lunch. Anyway, without further adu, I give you both video and photography of said fort.

The video below is about 6 hours worth of raw man power. Try not to be too impressed with my shear feats of strength and skill with the power tools.  

Luke loves going up the steps but hates going down the slide. Basically all he does is climb up, play, climb down.  


My favorite thing about The Fort is that both Danielle and I can swing. She is a smoking hot mother of 4 and I’m a pudgy middle aged man so I have included a sample photo of her.  



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