The A List #7
The A List #7

Hey Hey, it’s that time again.  Time to see what wonderful things around the interwebs have tickled my fancy.  Ready to kick off your Monday with a bang?

1.  Running of the Brides
This one is so so good.  I am not able to embed it on my site but I promise it’s worth your time.

2. What’s In The Bible?

This series came out earlier this year and our family is totally eating it up.  All 4 of our kids enjoy it and Danielle & I even manage to learn and laugh along as well.  It’s from the guy who made Veggie Tales and totally worth looking into.  (If you like the Bible.)  Go buy them on Amazon right now.

3. First Person Mario.

Ladies, this one is for your super cool husband-to-be.  Pass this video or link on to him and he’ll think you are extra attractive the next time he sees you.  Promise.


4. Peeing Bear

Turns out I’ve always had a eye for quirky photography.  I recently found this photo I took back in the 2nd or 3rd grade of a bear at the zoo.

Stay classy Alex, stay classy.

Till next time.  Peace.

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