The A List #9
The A List #9



Happy Tuesday everyone.  It’s time again for everyone’s favorite blog feature: The A List.  I get to share random cool things that I’m liking on the inter webs and you get to kill time at work. :)


Many of you recent brides discover something after getting married.  Your husband wants/needs a bit of space of his own.  (I”m looking your way Carrie)  Anyway, if you have an extra room in the house why not let him have a “man cave”  here are some ideas to help you get the ball rolling.

2. I Like Giving dot com

Christmas is coming up.  Here is a site with some super great ways to keep reminding us that it’s about giving.  I dare any of you to try one of the “ideas“.

3. Kisses From Katie

Remember that time that you graduated high school went to Uganda and then ended up adopting 14 girls?  I Just found out about this story a few days ago and can not wait to read her book.  What Katie is doing with her life makes mine seem very small.  We need more people like Katie.

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