The A List #5
The A List #5

Welcome back party people.  I hope everyone is staying all warm and snuggly amidst the frigidness that is this first week of February.  Anyway, on to the A-List.  My random list of links to things I find amusing or cool.  Warning:  This A-List is very very “dude-centric”.  However, even if you are not interested in many of these items you should absolutely pass them on to the guy in your life.  He’ll think you are very cool for finding such awesomeness on the internets.  Enjoy.

1.  Water Jet Pack.
I totally want one of these things.  I just need $99,500.  Check it out.

2. Wilson Football Factory.
As the great Super Bowl is upon us impress that guy in your life by telling him that every single NFL football is made in a little factory by the same workers who have been there for decades. True Story.

3. Eli is 2.
We no longer own any 1 year olds and it’s kinda sad. He is our most stubborn child and it’s fun watching Danielle try to raise a miniature version of me. :) Here are a few of my favorite photos of him from his first 700 days of being on Earth.

That’s all for now.

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