The A List #4
The A List #4


Welcome to another installment of The A List.  A place where you can read about what I’m interested in lately.  Some of these things are useful and practical, some are random and strange.  Either way.  It’s a great way to kill 10 minutes at work. :)

1.  All the cool kids get married on Fridays & Sundays.
Since many of you brides out there are new to the wedding game let me let you in on a little secret.  Many venues and vendors offer discounts if get married on a day other than Saturday.  Your wedding is still just as amazing and you get to save a bit of money.  I’m sure saving money is what William & Kate had in mind when they chose Friday April 29,2011 for their date.  Consequently, they did not choose me as their wedding photographer so I am still open for that date however Westminster Abby is already booked. ;)

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2. The iPhone is from the future.
When I first got my iPhone back in June 2007 there were times I caught myself just staring at it and being amazed at how cool and futuristic it felt.  I still get this feeling about once a week when I find out about new apps that are coming out.  Check out this video for an app called Word Lens.

It makes me want to travel abroad.  At the very least it makes me want to go to Lowes and ignore the English words and just point it at the Spanish parts of the signs.

3. Board Games have taken over our family.
Our kids are finally to the age where they will sit down and play a board game for 30-45 minutes.  We have had all kids of fun teaching them and watching them discover how fun these things can be.  It’s even led Danielle and I to start looking for new games and last week I ordered Act Your Wage.  (A new board game by Dave Ramsey.)  Our house is totally on board with the principles Dave teaches so I figured this game would be fun.  It’s a game about budgeting.  Danielle and I had a fun mini-date night last night playing it for the first time.  (I won.)

I have a whole post on Dave Ramsey coming soon, but for now just trust me.  Listen to him, do what he says.  Have a better marriage.

4.  A great first dance song.
Danielle & I love us some Andrew Peterson and I think this song would be great for a first dance.

That’s it for now.  Have a great weekend and for those of you still unsure about what to get me for Christmas I have a little hint.

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