The A List #3
The A List #3

What up party people?  Happy Monday and welcome to another installment of The A List.  My semi regular rants and raves about what I’m liking.

1. TSA

These people are crazy.  I’m not sure how much you have been keeping up with the new security measures that our airports have taken too, but  this is a good time to take notice.  Many have installed new body scanners with essincially produce a naked image of your body.  (awesome right)  You can “opt out” of the body scanner but you are then subjected to a pretty intense pat down.  These pat downs involve being touched in many places you don’t want to be touched.  In the past week alone we have seen a 32 year flight attended be asked to remove her prosthetic breast,  a TSA agent pop a urine bag a passenger had due to a medical condition, and confiscate a pair of nail clippers from a U.S. soldier returning home from Afghanistan. (Even though he was allowed to carry on his rifle.) That last story is so great you have to go read the whole piece.

We won’t even go into what’ happening to kids who are being asked to remove clothing and have pat downs in public.

A great place to find out more and keep up with what’s happening is a new site called They have links on how to get in touch with your Congressmen & Senators as well as where to file complaints.  There is also a plan for a National Opt-Out Day  on November 24.

I know many of you will be flying in the next few weeks so I just wanted to raise a bit of awareness as to what’s going on.  Happy flying. :)

2. Grandmother Superhero
One of my favorite brides sent this to me and I thought it was too good not to share.  Here is a teaser image.

Go to the photographer’s site to get the full scoop.

3. Sara’s thinking about marriage.
Danielle & her had this conversation 3 days ago.  I should probably start talking to her about having a First Look.

Sara: Does everybody have to get married?
Danielle: No, some people don’t.
Sara:Why did you and dad get married?
Danielle: Because I prayed that God would give me the perfect man for me.
Sara: That’s why you got married?
Danielle: Uh huh. Because we liked each other. You both have to want to get married
Sara: So who wanted to get married first?
Danielle: Daddy.
Sara: Ha. That’s funny. Usually it’s the girl who wants to get married. But daddy is a silly dad.

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