The A List #2
The A List #2

That’s right folks, it’s time for another installment of the A List.  Things I find cool, interesting, or random.  Here we go.

1. Rdio:  If I was granted one wish from Apple it would be for them to incorporate a subscription music service into iTunes.  I’m not sure the record labels will ever allow them to do it, but until they do Rdio is is where it’s at.  This is a website where you can listen to any song you want or download it to your phone for 10 bucks a month.  I’m sure many of you have and use Pandora, but I really love the ability to pick and choose what songs/albums I am listening to and Rdio makes this possible.  (There are also zero adds.)  They have a free trial, but I’m warning you.  You’ll be hooked.

2. Crocks: After putting them on the kids for a few years, Danielle finally talked me into trying a pair and I’m kinda hooked.  They are comfy and I don’t have to clip my toe nails as often as when I’m wearing flip flops. :)  I accidentally left the house wearing them with white socks the other day.  Holy moly I’m getting old.  Seriously.  Next thing you know I’ll show up to a wedding in them.  (They are black after all.)

3. YouTube Time Machine:  Crazy fun website where you move a dial and see clips that happened that year.  An easy way to kill 30 minutes at work.

Have fun on the interwebs kids.  I’ll be back soon.

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