The A List #1
The A List #1

What up blog stalkers!?!  I’ve decided to start a new little feature on my site.  It’s called The A List.  A stands for… Alex, Awesome, or Alligators.  Basically it’s anything I enjoy or want to link and share with you peeps.  Some will be personal, some will be wedding related, some will be completely off the wall and random.  It’s a collection of things I’m into or enjoying and it starts below.  Enjoy.

1. Cool Music Video by OK Go. I don’t really follow this band or anything, but I do follow their music videos.  They always make the most amazing ones.  This one blew me away. After you watch it, dig around and look for all their other one too.

2. Mila’s Daydreams: This woman is AMAZING.  Ever few days while her daughter is napping she plops stuff down on the floor and “builds” a photo around her.  I wish I had this woman’s level of creativity.  Total proof that you don’t need a fancy camera to take good photos.  All you people out there with kids.  Start snapping.

3. Sseko Designs:  My friend Lane Davis had the chance of interviewing these folks when was in Africa a few weeks back.  They are doing some amazing work and I know you ladies are always looking to buy new footwear so here is a good reason to drop some cash.  Go to their site for more info.

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