Take Me Out To The Ball Game
Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Today Jo and I are off to Dallas for me to do a bit of camera shopping and have a Super Man Mission and take in Texas Rangers game. We all went as a family a few weeks ago so I thought I’d share a few images from the trip. Enjoy.

I seriously have no idea how parents traveled with kids before iPods and iPhones.

They have this “kid field” at the stadium and I think Jo liked it more than the game.

If anyone is wondering how much icee does it take to give a 4 year old a head ache, 64oz is about enough.

Sara also played a bit of Plinko and got a “Home Run”, alas Bob was no where to be found.

Luke was all about the cotton candy.

Jo wore a hand-me-down Alex Rodriguez jersey. Thankfully he only had one beer poured on him.

I also got so engaged in taking shots of Jo with the Big League Chew that I didn’t realize he had about half the package in his mouth.

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