Stuff Christians Like
Stuff Christians Like

A few days ago my little family headed up to Dallas to buy one of those new fangled iPads.  My kids took to them right away and I’m pretty sure we’ll be looking to add another one to the family soon.  (Add an iPad, not a kid.)

One of the fancy features is that you can buy books on it.  It has a real pretty and shiny bookshelf looking thing on it.

I don’t really read, but I do have two books on it.  The Winnie the Pooh one came with it and I’ve been reading it to my kids at night.  The second, is a book called Stuff Christians Like. (Here is an link to the old fashion paper copy of the book for those of you without iPads.) It’s a book that pokes fun at Christians and some of the things we believe or think we believe and covers such great topics like…

“Making sure everyone knows your fiance’ isn’t living with you.”

A little known fact about me is that I used to be a “Super Baptist”.  When I lived in Houston my family went to the biggest Baptist church in the city, once we moved to Palestine, the church was smaller, but still the biggest we could find. :)  Since then a few things have changed and some have not.  I no longer attend the biggest Baptist Church I can find, but I do still enjoy making fun of Christians…  in a happy fun way.  I am and have been a “Christian” for most of my life.  The longer you “are” something the harder it is to think in terms on not being that.  Jonathan Acuff runs a little site called Stuff Christians Like and it’s one of my favorite stops every morning.

Anyway, he is running a little contest/game on his site and requested a few other blogs to link to his.  Mine was chosen so here is the info for those of you coming from his site.

The “Is that contestant on American Idol a Christian Scorecard”

7. The contestant is a former worship leader = – 3 points

Those of you coming to my site for stunning beautiful breathtaking imagery… scroll down a bit more. :)

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