Stop Planning Your Wedding!
Stop Planning Your Wedding!

Sometimes the more you want something the harder it is to get it.  The harder you try, the less it seems to work.  I’ve been super fortunate to have amazing brides.  Most of them understand that their wedding day is just one day.  They realize that it may not go as planned.  They understand that when viewed through the lens of their whole marriage it matters very little.

I know that many of you out there are planning weddings and some of you are really really planning hard.  Planning every single detail.  Planning what you will say, planning what people will say, maybe even trying to plan how others will react.  This is a little reminder that much of your day will be out of your control.  Let me say that again.

Much of your day will be out of your control.  (And it’s ok.)

You’ve already planned the most important part.  You’ve planned who you will spend your life with.  That’s really the only thing worth planning.  10 years ago I looked at my bride and said “I’m planning on being with you.”  We’ve stuck to that plan.  Things happened on our wedding day that we didn’t plan for.  Things happened in our marriage that we didn’t plan for, but the main thing we did plan for is what has kept us together.

Your wedding day is one day.  Plan it all you want.  Plan it to death.  But plan on little things surprising you along the way.  And sometimes… those surprises may end up being the best part of your day.

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