Snake Attack Day
Snake Attack Day

So today is Snake Attack Day at our house.  This is the 3 year anniversary of one of our families funniest memories.  I’ll give you a bit of background and then you’ll be ready for the greatest 3 minute video of your life.

I work from home and used to do quite a bit of video work.  One day Danielle pulled up from grocery shopping and as she was unloading she let out a scary scream.  My wife is not a screamer so it really caught my attention.  I asked “what’s going on?” and she said there was a snake.  Right next to me on the desk was a video camera so I picked it up and headed outside.  The following footage is what happened.

Two more things before we roll the footage.
1.  If you are at work, just go ahead and gather everyone around now.  (It will save  you time from having to start and stop the video as your co-workers hear the screaming/laughing.) 

2.  Leave nice comments about my wife.  (I have seen many of you brides freak out over a missing botanear so don’t even make fun of her for thinking a snake might eat her children.)



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