When Someone Sees You
When Someone Sees You

smu engagement photo

One of the best parts of my job is getting to see how all types of couples interact.  Getting to meet and hang with two people who have recently discovered their person in life is pretty great.  Alex & Rob are the absolute best.  The thing that stood out to me right away was how they looked at each other.  They are connected. Constant smiling and laughter.

Seriously.  Look at how they look at each other in these photos.

smu engagement photo smu engagement photo

Alex & Rob met a few years ago at New Mexico State. (Go Aggies!)  Right away Rob liked her but the timing was off.

(That’s code for Alex had a boyfriend.)

Eventually she broke up with the boyfriend.  Then she found ANOTHER boyfriend.  Eventually she broke up with him too and then she started dating Rob.  The end. :)

After college Alex moved to Texas and her and Rob managed to keep their relationship going even though they were in different states.  I asked Alex when she knew it was serious and she told me “I knew it was a big deal when I was willing to spend my minutes and data on him.”  Pure Gold.  I love that their relationship is measured in gigabytes. (Shout out to Verizon!)

smu engagement photo

Rob told me that what he loved most about Alex is how great and easy their conversations were.  She is super easy to talk to. “It also helps that she’s gorgeous.”

smu engagement photo smu engagement photo smu engagement photo

So much joy.  I love this photo.

smu engagement photo

When I asked Alex what attracted her to Rob she had this to say:

“Rob was the first relationship I was in that encouraged me to have my own space and my own life.  I had always heard ‘They will love you for who you are.’ but never understood it till I met Rob.”

How beautiful is that?

Runaway Bride is one of my wife’s and I’s favorite movies.  She must have watched it 2,573 times in college and so many parts of it mirror our story.  One of my favorite lines is when Richard Gere is talking to his ex wife Rita Wilson about why they broke up and he asks: “Did I just… not see you.”

It is so simple and yet so powerful.  We all have a desire to be seen and to be known.  The thing that makes a relationship work and last is when couples are constantly looking to “see” each other and give each other the freedom to grown and become the full person they were meant to be.

Rob treated Alex this way and it filled her with life.  By encouraging her to be herself, she grew as a person and in turn was more drawn and attracted to him.   (Smart play on Rob’s part.)

Now they look at each other like this.  That’s pretty great.
smu engagement photo

When they are not looking into each others eyes with 100% pure love, they like to make awkward faces at each other.

smu engagement photo

And because of course why not champagne?
smu engagement photo

Thank you guys for a great morning and I can’t wait for your New Mexico wedding.

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